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As I’ve grown up and become a parent, my life has changed. DUH. I’m rushing to the nanny before work, cutting food into microscopic pieces, wiping ketchup off of everything I own, singing the same old songs over and over and over again, and trying to create traditions for my family. I’ve been waiting for THIS holiday season since first learning I was pregnant with Lilly. Longing the year that she would be old enough to actually understand, and celebrate Christmas and Santa. When I was a child I was so enthralled with Santa, and I truly believed in that jolly old man. Christmas Eve was the most magical night, where I’d stay up for what I thought was all night, sneaking out into the living room several times only to be disappointed at the sight of an empty tree bottom. Yet when I finally woke up in the morning, I was always surprised by the gifts flowing out from under the tree. It was the most amazing feeling, and had nothing to do with being spoiled, or un-religious. It had everything to do with simple childhood magic. When I found out that my parents were Santa, I wasn’t scarred or betrayed. Now that I’m a mother and in all these silly mom groups, I’m shocked at the amount of new moms who are withholding Santa from their children’s lives. Sure they want to focus on the religious aspect, or focus just on the real St. Nick. Some say they don’t want to raise spoiled, entitled brats. I can’t see how Santa could transform a child into a spoiled brat. What are your opinions on the matter? Do you celebrate Santa in your home? If not, please share below.



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